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Kaloyan Hristov
Professional Photographer and Cinematographer

Kaloyan’s photography journey dates back to 2004. His passion for photography brought him many international achievements and successes, among which a Photograph of the year in a National Geographic’ contest. That same photo turns into a main shot for hundreds of exhibitions worldwide, including cities like Paris, New York, Dubai, London, Berlin and even Mexico City. Following these events, Kaloyan works as well with WWF on projects related to the conservation of various species of protected wild animals. His work again catches the attention of industry leaders like Nikon, Canon, WWF, National Geographic and BBC. His shot again wins all 1st place prizes and that places Kaloyan among the history’s youngest photographers ever published by the worldwide editions of National Geographic and BBC. Meanwhile Kaloyan manages to build one of the biggest photography studios in Bulgaria for individual and couples photoshoots. For the last 7 years he photographed more than 1000 couples. After he is done with this project, his sense for capturing the moment and his vision lead him to focus his skills on wedding photography and videography. Shooting couples on their most special day is what makes him feel happy and to keep doing what he is good at.
Interesting fact: Kaloyan begins his photography’ journey when he is walking home one day, on a cold February day, and he finds a white box with a lens inside. What happened after that you can ask him over a cup of coffee.

Boris Mihaylov
Professional Photographer

Boris’ photography path dates back to the period around 2008. That’s the year he got his first camera as a gift and his passion about photography is starting to rise. Since then he’s been working on various projects and photographed numerous events, among which music festivals, sports events and others.
During that time, he also worked as a licensed sports agent, which helped him develop that feeling about what his clients want and is best for them. Boris worked on an international level with many sports celebrities and that helped him to develop the ability to deal with situations filled with pressure, which is crucial for everyone working at your wedding on this special day.
Lastly, Boris would like to share why he decided to continue his photography journey with wedding and couples photography – but that’s something you’ll have to ask him personally (again over a cup of coffee, but keep in mind he drinks more than 4 on a daily basis).


Antoaneta Alexandrova
Professional Wedding Host, Officiant, Toast Master and MC

Your wedding ?

Yes, I take it personal !

I want more couples to understand how much I support their decision to get married.The time when organizing their wedding day, certainly they need an expertise voice by people who are experienced, friendly and genuine. I would like to be seen as a professional with a big heart.I am this kind of a wedding nerd they want me to be and I love it.Through the years I realized, how fragile couples could become during the months of preparations. So, we build trust, getting know each other more and more, till the day of the wedding , when I really know the people I am working for.I love having a different approach towards all clients. I don’t spare myself for small or big events. For me, this is the challenge I seek and find every season.

Creating their personal ceremonies, spending hours to write them – thinking of the couple and their story. Sometimes in three different languages (if it´s needed). I want them to experience a remarkable day that will never happen at any other´s wedding.Being there for them. Doing my at most to make them feel comfortable, chilled, relaxed that everything´s gonna be OK and according the planned till the end of the celebration.When it’s all over in October, I settle down and spend the winter in doing totally different things. Recording covers, doing makeup for other projects, watching Netflix series till I got a chronic insomnia, cooking.Then getting back again with the same passion I have been doing this for the last 17 years.

Fluently Speaking English and Spanish ( Castellano )

See you soon. Take care xx

When we have captured so much love, we recognize it easily only by the eyes ❤️ www.thesuricates.com
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